"Strange, the things you remember. Single images and feelings tha

"Strange, the things you remember. Single images and feelings that stay with you down through the years. Like the moment I'd realized I'd never owned a vase. That I'd never lived in any place long enough to justify having such a simple thing. And how at that moment, I wanted nothing so much in all the world as to have a vase of my very own." - Claire Randall #outlander is finally over!!! To celebrate the premier of Outlander Season Five, I am finally busting out my Clair Randall #casualcosplay  #newcosplay #closetcosplay  (I dyed it with Espresso Brown, & then slept in curlers) The thrifted and then altered by me. The are & thrifted The hat is from & I got it back when I was, like, 10. The is which I've had for years. Nothing is SA, just what I thrifted & already had in my closet.  edited with #snapseed #wiw #ootd 

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