"NckyccTBo BNAeTb AIOAeN HаckBo3b" ⠀ O cNocoбHocTN "BNAeTb ye

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quotNckyccTBo BNAeTb AIOAeN HаckBo3bquot ⠀ O cNocoбHocTN quotBNAeTb ye
"NckyccTBo BNAeTb AIOAeN HаckBo3b" ⠀ O cNocoбHocTN "BNAeTb yeAoBekа HаckBo3b" oAHN pаcckа3ыBаIOT AereHAы, ApyrNe oTHocRTcR k eTNM pаcckа3аM c HeAoBepNeM. Tаk NAN NHаye, kаxAыN N3 Hаc BыHocNT cyxAeHNe oб okpyxаIOwNх He ToAbko No Nх cAoBаM N NocTyNkаM, Ho N No Nх BHewHocTN, koTopаR oUeHNBаeTcR yаcTo Heoco3HаHHo, NHTyNTNBHo. OcoбeHHo eTo BаxHo TorAа, korAа HNkаkNх cAoB ewe He NpoN3HeceHo, HNkаkNх NocTyNkoB He coBepweHo. ⠀ CyNTаeTcR, yTo MHeHNe o yeAoBeke ckAаAыBаeTcR B NepBыe 15-20 cekyHA oбweHNR. N3 yero 3а cToAb kopoTkoe BpeMR poxAаeTcR cNMNаTNR NAN HeNpNR3Hb, pаcNoAoxeHNe NAN HeAoBepNe? BcerAа AN cNpаBeAANBы eTN oUeHkN N kаk HаyyNTbcR N3бerаTb owNбok B NoHNMаHNN Apyroro yeAoBekа? OTBeTаM Hа eTN BoNpocы N NocBRweHа AаHHаR kHNrа!️ ⠀

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